Dennen Steel Corp - Serving America's Prime Manufacturers for 70 Years

Business model & value proposition

Our business model is unique. We're different.

Our integration allows us to provide value that distinguishes us from most competitors. That’s because our 70 year heritage in material procurement and slitting, integrated with steel-intensive parts manufacturing, crosses typical purchasing boundaries. And that’s precisely how we deliver a larger constellation of capabilities, processes, technologies and expertise than any single service center or contract manufacturer. These advantages translate to tangible value for steel-intensive manufacturers.

Lower Raw Material Cost

After 70 years in the steel procurement business, our purchasing power can secure lower steel prices than our customers and competitors. The cost of raw material comprises up to 85% of the part cost, so reducing the steel price makes a major impact.

Lower Production Costs

Every step and every transition in the manufacturing process has a cost in terms of money, time and quality. Our unique business model eliminates steps, which improves speed, flexibility and quality, and reduces handling costs and middle-man mark-ups.

Faster & Leaner Manufacturing

As a seasoned and growing supplier to OEMs and Tier 1s, Dennen Steel’s organization-wide Lean Manufacturing System was designed to meet the demanding cost, speed and quality requirements of the automotive industry. For example, our Kanban manufacturing system manages upstream and downstream production activities, which adds tremendous flexibility, reduces cycle times and eliminates costs.

Typical Supply Chains vs. Dennen's Integrated Supply Chain

Tighter Quality Control

Our experienced staff metallurgists ensure that the steel delivered for each part exactly meets specifications. Working with customers and steel mills, they ensure that the raw material properties align with print specifications, and that high quality standards are consistently achieved.

Stronger Partnerships

With a 70 year reputation of professionalism and reliability, our success enables on-going process and equipment investments to meet the needs of our growing customer base. Dennen Steel is a diverse company, financially and operationally strong. We provide the stability and commitment clients require in a key manufacturing partner.