Dennen Steel Corp - Serving America's Prime Manufacturers for 70 Years

Customer Services/Business Systems

Quality Systems
To consistently achieve precision stamping tolerances, Dennen Steel’s process control and quality assurance program has been certified to ISO 9001 2015. Our professionally staffed quality control lab includes a CMM Zeiss Contura G2, a high force electromechanical Tinius Olsen, a Spectro metal analyzer, a Tensilkut die cut press and in-bound gaging equipment. Our robust quality control system is designed to meet or exceed the standards of our numerous OEM customers.

Lean Tools
Long ago we discovered that our OEM customers expect us to employ the same lean processes that they use in their facilities. At Dennen Steel, our core competencies for ensuring excellent quality and efficiency come out of the basic strategies of lean manufacturing. From our visual factory management system, to employee training and team-member responsibility, our lean initiative drives continual improvement in cost, quality, service and delivery. For us, lean is a way of life.

Metallurgical Support
It’s not surprising that Dennen Steel has always employed metallurgists on staff, given our long history in purchasing, processing and stamping steel. We know that understanding a steel’s properties is the most important indicator of how a steel part will perform in service, and how it will respond to stamping. That’s why we take great care to analyze and confirm all the steel we receive. Continuous relationships with steel mills inform us of new, market-ready steel grades for future applications with improved properties like strength, hardness, corrosion, and wear. This knowledge often helps customers seeking metals for new, quality-critical applications.

VA/VE analysis is key to managing our business model and providing benefits to our partners. This process, which involves representatives from Dennen Steel, the client and steel mill, evaluates products and supply chains from a unique perspective and helps identify ways to achieve greater worth in terms of product and process cost savings.

Engineering & Manufacturing Support
To achieve successful product launches, Dennen’s engineering and manufacturing teams define and establish steps necessary to ensure that each part meets design specifications. Our support functions include a detailed schedule of actions and milestones, control plan/PFMEA/flow chart, key quality characteristic definitions, gage study and tolerance evaluation, product validation plan, and supplier inspection standards.

Project Management
Our project managers bridge the gap between purchasing, manufacturing and the client, to determine budgets, time lines and resources. We form close links with the nominated representatives from each client in order to adapt to their various internal procedures, ensuring that the key issues of cost, time, quality and above all, satisfaction, will be realized.