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Stamping & Press Lines
Over the years, Dennen Steel has enjoyed wide diversification of markets and customers, which has allowed us to develop expertise with many different steel forming tools and secondary operation processes. Our presses stamp directly from master coils or material from our in-house slit coil inventory. Corporate-wide, our mid-to-high tonnage, large bed presses produce high precision deep drawn stampings, progressive stampings, and configured blanks. Add our in-line Herr Voss leveling, and the results are a Class A surface and flatness critical parts. Dennen Steel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified facility.

• Formed Parts                                 • Flatness & Surface Critical    • Coining In-Die
• Progressive & Hand Transfer        • High Precision Deep Drawn           • Complex Cam-Forming In-Die     
         • First Operation Blanks      
High Precision Stampings

Dennen Steel is AWI certified and offers several methods of welding, which include Robotic, Mig, In-line TIG and Resistance Welding.

Metal stamped products may be painted with virtually any specified coating, including paint, powder coating, and zinc plating.

Because each part has unique assembly and fabrication requirements, Dennen Steel’s product engineers and plant managers confer with the customer to design the most efficient process to produce the assembled piece. Our wide range of assembly and fabrication resources include welding, secondary forming, tapping, punching, PEM insertion, finishing, machining, threading, and custom packaging.

Tool/Die Maintenance

A vital component of lean manufacturing and our fundamental business principle is the preservation of equipment assets to produce the highest quality product. Dennen Steel’s heavy investment in tool maintenance resources ensures that our toolmakers have the best equipment to repair and maintain most types and sizes of stamping dies. This investment, along with scheduled maintenance intervals, maximizes tool life, minimizes down time, and provides a considerable cost savings. Our long-term relationships with qualified tool and die companies provide the right cost, quality and lead time when new tooling is necessary.