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Stephen Strickland joins Dennen as Director of Engineering Services

Stephen Strickland - Director of Engineering ServicesStephen Strickland is an experienced quality and engineering management professional. Steve has over 35 years’ involvement in physical testing, manufacturing, and customer Quality System expertise in plastics, coating and metal conversion processes as a supplier to the automotive industry. Steve received his education with an AAS in Manufacturing Engineering Technology and BS in Management science. Steve’s 30+ years of experience will help Dennen continue its path of building trusting and valued relationships with customers and suppliers.

Brian Thebo Joins Dennen Steel Corp. As Sales Engineer

Brian Thebo - Sales EngineerBrian Thebo has joined Dennen Steel Corp., a Grand Rapids based steel purchasing and steel parts manufacturing firm, as corporate Sale Engineer. Thebo will interact with customers’ engineering staff and Dennen’s manufacturing team to ensure optimum product and process design. His 30 year career in manufacturing enables Thebo to manage customer productivity programs that expand efficiencies, identify and evaluate alternatives, and to recommend solutions that improve the end product and overall manufacturing process. Thebo was formally Program Manager for Baker Perkins Inc.

Dennen Steel Selected for Governor’s Energy Excellence Award

In the first annual Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards, Dennen Steel Corp. was selected as a finalist for “Best Project” in the Industrial and Manufacturing category.  The ceremony honored Michigan organizations and individuals for their innovative and creative designs and installations that, when implemented, significantly reduced energy consumption and waste.

Dennen Steel’s award-winning project was the installation of new energy-efficient Air Turnover with 92 percent-efficient air handling/makeup units. These installations created a more efficient HVAC system, which now saves the company 41,000 cubic feet of natural gas and $38,000 annually. Additionally, the new HVAC system runs through ThermoDAS, a Web-based management system that makes it possible to track building performance. By replacing larger horsepower motors on air handling equipment, Dennen now saves approximately $16,000 a year in electric costs. The company also received $37,000 in incentives for these recent projects.

Dave Coonce - Corporate Engineering ManagerDave Coonce, Corporate Engineering Manager of Dennen Steel Corp., said, “We were pleased to be recognized for installing an innovative HVAC system that is highly energy efficient. Energy consumption is a component of overhead. Reduced overhead translates to lower costs to our customers and ultimately lower costs to the consumer.”

Dennen Steel Corp. is a 60+ year old firm headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with a second manufacturing facility near Chicago. Originally a steel service center, Dennen Steel continues to purchase steel directly from mills, processes the steel internally, and stamps high volume mechanical parts and assemblies for diverse industries that include automotive, furniture, appliance and heavy truck vehicles.

While running stamping presses consumes a lot of energy, the company is a model of efficiency. “The traditional process of creating stamped steel parts from coils of steel is extremely energy-intensive,” Coonce said. “A master coil is shipped to a service center where it’s slit into smaller coils. These coils are then trucked to a facility where parts are stamped. The stamped parts are then shipped on to the manufacturer.

At Dennen Steel, coils come in and finished parts go out directly to the OEM – thus eliminating one step in the supply chain. “By integrating these steps - steel purchasing, stamping, and forming - we achieve a higher levels of efficiency, including energy and fuel savings, and that translates to real value for the customer.”